Purifying Your Tap Water Into Drinking Purity

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  • Unique Patent-pending Technology

    with Patented Media! ... For necessary antioxidant protection

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  • Helps restore pH balance

    It’s important to know that Hexagon water is also alkaline...

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  • For greater absorbability

    Water from the Hexagon has smaller molecular clusters...

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  • Hexagon Water Filtration System

    transform normal tap water into hydrogen-rich alkaline water...

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  • First of its kind on the market

    This patent-pending breakthrough Infuses energy into water...

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  • Drinking Hexagon Hydrogen Alkaline

    water you can help to restore your alkaline buffer...

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  • The Alkali Block Filter

    is a specially blended mineral block...

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  • Watch the full video

    The Alkaline, Hydrogen (Antioxidant) Water Filtration System

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Suggested Retail Price: $620.00 
Special Limited Time VIP Offer Online Price: $539.98

Hexagon™ Water Filtration System SPECIAL

Price includes bonus package plus FREE SHIPPING within the United States of America.* 
State and local taxes may apply.


    1. BONUS Savings
    2. Price includes FREE SHIPPING within the United States of America.
      State and local taxes may apply.
    3. VIP Shopper Offer (VIP) | Final Cost: $539.98




Why Purchase the NEW Hexagon™ System II


Products that produce water of similar quality typically cost from $3,000 to $4,000 elsewhere.

Hexagon™ Water Filtration System 2 – Transform normal tap water into hydrogen–rich alkaline water with the Hexagon™ Water Filtration System 2 ! Now with greater durability and NEW & IMPROVED 3–step filtration!

What is the quality of water that you are drinking? If you do not trust that the water from your tap isn't drinkable or is risky to consume, are you paying more than $1.00 on bottled water or $5.00 per week, or more than $50 per month?

Well, this system has out-performed every so-called "Leading Water Filter System" on the market and cost less than 10% what they charge. It actually pays for itself within the first few months and your body will work less at cleaning what men has destroyed for years. PURE NATURAL H2O.

Suggested Retail Price: $620.00
Special Limited Time Offer Online Price: 539.98
Price includes bonus package plus FREE SHIPPING within the United States of America.*
State and local taxes may apply.

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